Labels und Wristbands

The labels made of white standard paper boast an optimal value for your money. A special coating ensures for even higher image quality. The labels with plastic surfaces can resist temperatures up to 500C, last up to three years, and, according to their finishing, are smudge-proof and scratch-resistant. The large spectrum of Zebra labels covers nearly all areas of application.
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The Zebra wristbands are used for automatic data capture in hospitals, recreation parks or at festivals and events. For a higher degree of security and simpler handling, they also come in variants with anti-microbial coating, waterproof surfaces or RFID encoding.
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Zebra Wristbands
Z-Band DirectAdultWhite6x200
Z-Band DirectAdultRed6x200
Z-Band DirectChildWhite6x300
Z-Band DirectNeonatalWhite6x350
Z-Band QuickClipAdultWhite4x260
Z-Band QuickClipChildWhite3x390
Clip fastener kitRed275
Clip fastener kitBlue275
Clip fastener kitYellow275
Clip fastener kitGreen275
Clip fastener kitPink275