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Zebra DS2278

Affordable 1D/2D barcode scanner for mobile applications

The mobile, all-purpose barcode scanner Zebra DS2278 reads 1D and 2D barcodes in a matter of seconds – from classic paper and plastic labels to smartphone displays. It captures customer cards, promotion cards, vouchers and much more for simple payment settlement, also directly from a customer’s smartphone – optimal for usage in retail and hospitality, even during peak times. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 and Zebra's »Scan-To-Connect technology« the area imager connects with any Bluetooth-capable computer, smartphone or tablet in a single step, and provides a reliable connection up to a range of 10 m. Zebra’s »Wi-Fi-friendly mode« prevents interferences between the scanner and the WLAN connection for both employees and customers.

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The multi-functional area imager is ready to go when it leaves the factory, as a result of comprehensive pre-configurations - just unpack it and get started! Thanks to Zebra’s free-of-charge remote software »SMS« (Scanner Management Service), you manage and configure the DS2278 and many other models worldwide from a PC, smartphone or tablet. The integrated 2400 mAh lithium-ion battery offers a guaranteed operational performance of 14 hours on a single charge.


Zebra DS2278, BT, 2D, multi-IF, kit (USB), black - (syds2278pbukit)

Zebra DS2278, BT, 2D, multi-IF, kit (USB), black - (syds2278bukit)

Zebra DS2278, BT, 2D, multi-IF, kit (USB), white - (syds2278pukit)

Zebra DS2278, BT, 2D, multi-IF, kit (USB), white - (syds2278ukit)

Zebra DS2278, BT, 2D, multi-IF, black - (syds2278clb)

Zebra DS2278, BT, 2D, multi-IF, white - (syds2278cl)

Metapace MP-78, BT, 2D, multi-IF, kit (USB), black - (mps78-1)


Zebra DS2278