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Zebra TC20

Affordable mobile computer with smartphone flexibility

With the TC20 and TC20 Plus Zebra offers small to mid-sized business users the ideal tool for increasing the efficiency and profitability of their processes, as well as saving them time, money and effort. The mobile computer with Android 7.0 looks like a smartphone and fits in your pocket. It is a talented multi-tasker in retail, hospitality and warehouses. Use it as a 1D and 2D barcode scanner, as an 8 megapixel camera (optional) and, of course, for mobile internet access. All the functions are easy to access, such as the scanner, which both right and left-handers activate with the press of a button.

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At the push of a button you turn the mobile computer into a walkie-talkie, to directly clarify things with a particular employee, a group of workers or with the entire team. Additionally, the full-touch MDA communicates via WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/r/h/i and Bluetooth 4.2 and generates wireless connections at a speed and quality previously only known from corded connections.

Speed is also a crucial element when it comes to integration and configuration. With an Android OS the MDA offers users a trusted and user-friendly surface which reduces training times, without having to compromise on application options. Three individually programmable keys allow for immediate access to the functions which are used the most.

Depending on your needs, the TC20 is available with a multi-touch display made of Corning Gorilla Glass or an additional numeric keyboard. Both versions are protected against dust and moisture in accordance with IP54 and can be recharged in the same docking station. The so-called ShareCradle with five slots also allows space-saving use of several devices at once. The extended TC20 Plus even goes one step further in terms of uninterrupted operation: If the battery is empty, the optional ­PowerPack can be simply connected and recharged separately in the docking station.

The mobile computers are supported by the optional Zebra OneCare SV support plan. This provides comprehensive protection by covering normal wear and tear, live and online technical support, priority repair work and more.


Zebra TC20 Plus, 2D, SE4710, USB, BT (BLE), Wi-Fi, PTT, GMS, Android - (sytc20)

Zebra TC20 RFID Ready, 2D, SE4710, USB, BT (BLE), Wi-Fi, PTT, GMS, Android - (sytc20-3)

Zebra TC20, 2D, SE2100, USB, BT (BLE), Wi-Fi, PTT, GMS, Android - (sytc20-2)

Zebra TC20 keyboard, 2D, SE4710, USB, BT (BLE), Wi-Fi, num., PTT, GMS, Android - (sytc20-4)


Zebra TC20