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Zebra TC26

Touch computer with mobile phone function

Zebra’s enterprise-class TC26 touch computer comes in an attractive, compact smartphone design and offers many practical functions for working in both industrial environments and field service. These include an Android 10 operating system, Wi-Fi and mobile compatibility, and more than 50 security and privacy enhancements that provide an incredibly high level of security.

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The TC26 offers many different communication options for field service staff. Among other things, it accesses both WLAN and mobile phone networks – so that employees in the field and in the office are connected with each other at the touch of a button. It also offers »Voice over LTE« (VoLTE) and »Voice over Wi-FI« (VoWiFi). Optionally, push-to-talk (PTT) or Express (a Mobility DNA tool) may also be installed.

The TC26 is equipped with a very powerful battery for up to 14 hours of battery life and a 5" HD touchscreen, which is easy to read both indoors and outdoors. The interfaces include WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC. The integrated 5 megapixel front camera is suitable for video calls and the 13 megapixel colour camera on the rear for occasional barcode capture and detailed photo recording – for example for documentation purposes. For scan-intensive tasks, the SE4710 and SE4100 enterprise scan modules are optionally available.

The TC26 is ideal for mobile use. Thanks to its compact size and low weight, it is incredibly easy to carry around all day. The optional wrist strap makes carrying it even easier. Plus, users don’t have to worry about the surrounding conditions, because the mobile computer is water- and dust-proof, easily survives multiple falls onto concrete and even snow, rain, heat and cold don’t bother it.

The TC26 touch computer is supported by the powerful, free tools of »Mobility DNA Professional« and the optional »Zebra OneCare SV support plan«. This provides comprehensive protection by covering normal wear and tear, live and online technical support, priority repair work and more.


Zebra TC26, 2D, SE4100, USB, BT (BLE, 5.0), Wi-Fi, 4G, NFC, PTT, GMS, Android - (sytc26-4)

Zebra TC26, 2D, SE4100, USB, BT (BLE, 5.0), Wi-Fi, 4G, NFC, PTT, GMS, ext. bat., Android - (sytc21-4)

Zebra TC26, 2D, SE4710, USB, BT (BLE, 5.0), Wi-Fi, 4G, NFC, PTT, GMS, Android - (sytc26)

Zebra TC26, 2D, SE4710, USB, BT (BLE, 5.0), Wi-Fi, 4G, NFC, PTT, GMS, Android - (sytc26-3)

Zebra TC26, no barcode scanner, USB, BT (BLE, 5.0), Wi-Fi, 4G, NFC, PTT, GMS, Android - (sytc26-2)


Zebra TC26