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Zebra TC25

Smartphone and everyday tool in one

Consumer smartphones hardly live up to the challenges of modern working environments – the TC25 from Zebra, however, relishes them. The housing of this mobile computer is protected against environmental influences in accordance with MIL-STD-810G and IP65, while scratch-proof Gorilla Glass covers the 4'' multi-touch screen. Thus, the TC25 is the ideal day-to-day companion for parcel delivery, logistics and manufacturing workforce and overall every user working under tough conditions.

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As an additional benefit, Android 7 is factory-installed in order to offer a familiar and intuitive user interface. This means that even new employees do not require a lot of training time on the correct usage of the device. An optional advantage: thanks to »LifeGuard for Android«, users receive security updates for the operating system over the entire life cycle of the TC25.

Two-finger zoom and other gestures with which you are familiar from smartphones also significantly simplify navigation during the professional usage of the TC25. Plus, it is equipped with three programmable keys, for storing the functions and applications which are most commonly used. To make things comfortable for both right- and left-handers, Zebra has placed scanning buttons on both sides of the device.

In terms of performance as well, the TC25 does not lag behind: its powerful 2D imager captures barcodes quickly and precisely, even when damaged, dirty, covered by film. The battery is designed to power the TC25 during a whole shift, and just in case users need more, they simply attach the optional PowerPack – time-consuming detours to the charging station are thus eliminated. Of course, the mobile computer does not only look like a smartphone: With the press of a button, co-workers use it as a walkie-talkie for instantaneous communication. The TC25 connects via WLAN, Bluetooth and 4G LTE.

In addition to ordering the TC25, you also have the possibility of booking the »Zebra OneCare SV« service plan. This provides comprehensive protection by covering normal wear and tear, live and online technical support, priority repair work and more. There is also a diagnosis tool for fixing problems on-site, technical support from the vendor and free-of-charge return shipping.


Zebra TC25, 2D, SE4710, USB, BT (BLE), Wi-Fi, 4G, PTT, GMS, Android - (sytc25)

Zebra TC25, EU, 2D, SE2100, USB, BT (BLE), Wi-Fi, 4G, PTT, kit (USB), GMS, Android - (sytc25kiteu)

Zebra TC25, UK, 2D, SE2100, USB, BT (BLE), Wi-Fi, 4G, PTT, kit (USB), GMS, Android - (sytc25kituk)

Zebra TC25, 2D, SE4710, USB, BT (BLE), Wi-Fi, 4G, Gun, PTT, GMS, Android - (sytc25demo)


Zebra TC25