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Zebra ET40/ET45

Attractive business tablets for indoors and out

The handy business tablets ET40 and ET45 from Zebra offer everything needed to get started right away at top performance after unpacking. They are available with either a capacitive 8" or 10" multi-touch display with Corning Gorilla Glass and an Android operating system. Plus, they feature an integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner with a Zebra scan engine – from scanning at standard scanning distances (SE4100 or SE4710) up to a scanner with an extended range and IntelliFocus technology for barcode capture from the hand and all across the room (SE55).

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Additional equipment includes a swappable 6,100 mAh battery (8") or 7,600-mAh battery (10"), a push-to-talk function and powerful wireless communication. If this is not enough, then optionally expand the tablets with the tools of Zebra Mobility DNA or convert it into a fully-fledged PBX handset via Zebra Workforce Connect Voice. Naturally, the ET40 and ET45 are tough: According to IP65 and MIL-STD-810H they are resistant against dust, water and falls. Plus, they are suited for both office employees and field service.


Zebra ET40, 2D, SE4100, USB, USB-C, BT, NFC, Android, GMS - (syet40)

Zebra ET40, 2D, SE4100, USB, USB-C, BT, NFC, Android, GMS - (syet40-2)

Zebra ET45, 2D, SE4710, USB, USB-C, BT, 5G, NFC, GPS, Android, GMS - (syet45)

Zebra ET45, 2D, SE4710, USB, USB-C, BT, 5G, NFC, GPS, Android, GMS - (syet45-2)

Zebra ET45, SE5500, 2D, USB, USB-C, BT, 5G, NFC, GPS, Android, GMS - (syet45-3)


Zebra ET40/ET45