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Zebra Intelligent Cabinets

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets

Safely store company devices

Zebra’s intelligent cabinets help companies in warehousing, retail, transportation and logistics to optimise their operational processes and make even more efficient use of company devices. Thus, they ensure safe device storage and protect against device loss, reduce possible damage to the devices, provide secure access for employees and increase the productivity and readiness of the devices. The charging cabinets also offer the advantages of charging the devices during storage and updating the software, as required.

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To cover as many requirements as possible, Zebra offers the charging cabinets in closed or open models, as well as in different sizes. The »Compact« model holds up to 5 devices, the »X-Large« model up to 60 and the »Extreme« model even up to 100 devices simultaneously, depending on the size of the devices. All of the models are made of robust construction steel and feature Wi-Fi, 4G and Ethernet interfaces. They are also supported by »Zebra Professional Service«, which offers a range of end-to-end services.



Zebra Intelligent Cabinets